Cathy Stefanec Ogren

Children's Author


The Adventures of Archie Featherspoon

The Adventures of Archie Featherspoon

Written by Cathy Stefanec Ogren
Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Aladdin Paperbacks
Simon & Schuster, 2002
Ages 7-10

Archie is different than most boys in the days of the Wild West. Archie is an inventor. His latest invention is high-flying rainbow rockets, a surprise for his Ma’s birthday. But the short-lasting twister of ’75 lands Archie and his bag of inventions in the lawless town of Trigger Toe, Texas. The townsfolk think he is the new sheriff come to save them from Buster and the Bully Boys. Can Archie outsmart the gang and still get back home in time to celebrate Ma’s birthday?

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Sly P.I.

Sly, P.I. The Case of the Missing Shoes

Written by Cathy Stefanec Ogren
Illustrated by Priscilla Posey Circolo

Children’s Books, 1989
Ages 6-9

Sly, P.I. is no ordinary private investigator. He’s a self-made fox and proud of it. When his old friend and ballet star, Lotta Oink’s toe shoes disappear on opening night, Sly is there with his excellent investigative skills. Will he find the culprit before the curtain rises, or will Mimi Meow, Lotta’s understudy, go on in place of Lotta?

—IRA/CBC Children’s Choice

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