Cathy Stefanec Ogren

Children's Author


I take great pleasure in speaking to readers and writers. Below are a few programs I have to offer. I can also tailor visits to meet specific needs. All presentations are approximately one hour long. Feel free to contact me about programs and fees.

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME (all ages, small groups or large groups)

This program describes my personal journey as a writer. Included is a PowerPoint presentation, anecdotes from my past, readings from my books, and a short question/answer period.

HEY! WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? (adaptable to different age groups, small groups)

This is an interactive presentation, I will begin by discussing where I get my ideas and what I do with an idea once I get one. Afterwards, students will brainstorm and come up with a list of their own ideas. More discussion will follow on the different ways to use the ideas to create a great beginning page.

KNOCK ON WOOD: Using Your Imagination (grades K-3, small groups)

This is a hands-on activity to tap into students’ imaginations. I will begin the presentation by discussing the word imagination. What is it? Who has one? What do you do with it? Students will then be led in a warm-up activity to get their brain juices flowing. This will be followed by a hands-on activity in which students will use their imaginations to create a nonsense dictionary.

BUILD A STORY (adaptable to different age groups, small groups)

Keeping the six traits of writing in mind, I will talk about the elements that make up a good story and provide examples from books that demonstrate those elements. After discussing what makes a story shine, students will begin to build a story of their own.